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N320 .45 load request

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N320 .45 load request Empty N320 .45 load request

Post by bigone 1/1/2024, 2:25 pm

Happy New Year to All!
I need help getting a couple of proven bullseye loads-low velocity, low recoil-for .45 using N320 powder. The bullets are Brazos 180 and 200 gr. SWC. All the online info varies too much for my comfort zone, including the VV loads which are too fast. Thank you for your input.


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N320 .45 load request Empty Re: N320 .45 load request

Post by rckendall 1/8/2024, 5:25 pm

I've shot 5.2 gr N320 with a coated 200 gr SWC at 1.250 COL and it was good. It is so cold right now I just loaded some at 5.4 gr.


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