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Model 41 Trigger pull adjustment bar.

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Model 41 Trigger pull adjustment bar. Empty Model 41 Trigger pull adjustment bar.

Post by Olduck 3/17/2024, 2:12 pm

I have an 80's model 41.  I don't shoot it that much, a couple of hundred rounds a year.  When cleaning it this year after removing the barrel and slide, I turned the frame upside down and the adjustment bar fell out on my workbench!  I vaguely remembered the procedure to adjust the trigger pull but really didn't want to damage my frame.  I carefully tried the trigger and it seemed to be working fine, the pull just as I remembered it ?  So after cleaning I re-assembled my 41 and dry fired it.  Same as always.  I loaded two rounds in the magazine, held on tight and fired two shots,  perfect function.  It shoots just fine without the bar in place and the bar might have slipped out from under the pin some time ago.  
Does anyone know if this is an unsafe configuration?  I'm happy with the trigger pull as it is now.  Some of you shoot model 41's and understand the mechanics way better than I do.
Any input would would be greatly appreciated.


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