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Accomodation at Camp Perry

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Accomodation at Camp Perry Empty Accomodation at Camp Perry

Post by RoyDean 4/4/2024, 10:22 am

In previous years, either through me not being well prepared or through my lack of careful investigation, I struggled to get the accommodation that best suits me through the entire "summer tour". I accept that the blame lies solely with me!

This year the "missing link" was Camp Perry.

This morning, just after 08.00 Ohio Time (20.00 where I am currently located) I called the Camp Perry lodgings office - took several re-dials - patience! - but after just a few minutes I spoke to a nice person, she found my previous records on their system almost instantly and I was able to complete a reservation for an RV spot almost instantly. An email confirmation arrived within seconds.

Yee-hah, as some of the more exuberant members of the Bullseye fraternity might be heard to exclaim!

Fingers crossed! I will be at all of the "summer tour" and will be residing in my RV in pre-booked and confirmed spots!

For me that is a massive and satisfying achievement!


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Accomodation at Camp Perry Empty Re: Accomodation at Camp Perry

Post by John Dervis 4/4/2024, 9:29 pm

Well done Roy. Whenever I get all my s**t together it almost feels wrong when the time comes. Like I’m missing something because it’s all done with no fires to put out.  I’ll see you out there. 


John Dervis

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