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Morini MG2

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Morini MG2 Empty Morini MG2

Post by Guest Wed Jul 22, 2015 1:06 pm

Froneck: "Now that I got a Morini MG2 so I'll be Red dot mounting and testing it."

Will be VERY interested in your impressions of the MG2.  

I have one as well.  I also have a FWB AW-93 and a Pardini SP New (and HP New).  I have been playing with the SP and HP lately with great results and am very happy with both after around 1500 shots thru each.  

I prefer the MG2 over the AW-93.  Presently not sure whether it is easier to shoot/better than the SP.  Seems to prefer SK Pistol Match/Eley Match/Federal 711B.

Mine is an earlier model but has never had any problems or issues after 5000 plus shots.  The previous owner told me that he had never had any problems as well.


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Morini MG2 Empty Re: Morini MG2

Post by DavidR Wed Jul 22, 2015 2:32 pm

 I was lucky, My MG2 came with another top along with all the parts needed. Plus a complete set of parts for the lower half. I plan to attach a scope mount to the second top. Though I have all the parts for the iron sight except the sight I will not put them in the second top. My concern is after removing the top it is held in place with 4 cap screws. Slightly loosening the screws I'm able to move the top though a very small amount. I may make another top and use flat head screws in the forward 2 as I don't think there is room for flat head screws in the 2 behind the hammer. Being lazy and the top has 2 tapped holes I will simply add a scope base and test it!
 I too have the AW, I've got it shooting pretty good. I did change the recoil spring to a Hammerli 208 spring. Test shots did lock the slide back though there is a lot more pressure exerted by the slide when closed. I plan to shoot it at the club this afternoon.

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