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E-targets ?

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E-targets ? Empty E-targets ?

Post by Russ OR 12/14/2015, 7:55 pm

I don't think E-targets would work for Bullseye. -- Smallbore-Air-Free, yes. - 
My club's E-target system for 10-50' indoor Jr air & Jr smallbore positions was - I heard $70K, but don't quote me-I'll find out for sure. - & I'm not sure the $70K included the store room that was built for them. --Think of the Precision Pistol turning target system you could have for 1/8 the cost. ---The E targets have to be disconnected/reconnected moving from 10 meters to 50'- disconnected & stored when not in use for Jr air & Jr smallbore.
The club might be considering going wireless for them - more $s. 

Our indoor 22 rimfire/air range is open to general membership (5000±) and the system wouldn't last long if left out for all to use.
For indoor Bullseye (same range), Tri-co has a very good Ceiling mounted turning target system with wireless control and quick disconnect drops. Under $7K total cost with compressor/ 2contollers (Bullseye only and Multi-use), + misc.     --- -Wingdings Captial J,  Russ OR

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