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Frustrating timing

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Frustrating timing Empty Frustrating timing

Post by Al Thu Jun 09, 2016 8:26 am

I've been using the most recent case of CCI sv for practice, and have been getting irritated because of the frequency of dud's.  It's been averaging 1 per 100 rd box, so out of my first sleeve of 500 I've had more dud's than the prior 6 or 7 cases combined.  Started to question CCI's QC (quality control).

Last night it got really bad.  Like 4 out of 5 in the first 2 magazines.  The tiny light bulb (think 2 watt bulb in heavy fog) in my head went on as I was complaining about the lousy ammo to a couple shooters next to me.  Hey maybe it's the firing pin!

This is an older Marvel Unit 1 that's seen about a case of ammo since I bought it used a couple years ago.  Took it back into the work area and proceeded to tear it down.  Sure enough I had acquired one of the new and unimproved 2 piece firing pins.  Of course I don't have a spare.  So I transfered to the Ruger MKII that always comes along as a backup.  Every single dud fired just fine.  Of course my shooting went downhill a bit, getting reacquainted with the MKII.  But I was relieved that I didn't have 4500 rounds of dud prone ammo sitting in the basement.  why does this stuff happen when I've got three matches in the next two weekends.  Oh well, break out the Hi Standards or the Rugers and let things happen as they will.

Called Marvel this morning & ordered a couple replacements along with fresh springs.  Mentioned getting a spare extractor and she said they'd bring along all three thickness' they've made over the years.  So if any of you out there that are going to be at Perry, need some parts, give them a call & let them know.  They'll bring them along.


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