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KC Trigger Installed

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KC Trigger Installed Empty KC Trigger Installed

Post by Magload Sat Jan 28, 2017 8:29 pm

I installed my new KC Battle Axe rolling trigger yesterday.  My first 1911 trigger job.  I put it in my R1 that I am going to put the 22 conversion on but I really just wanted to try a rolling trigger.  I like the trigger feels good and ended up breaking at 3lbs 10oz.  Also put the rear adjustable iron sight back on that slide.  My Gold Cup NM slide is on that R1 frame as the R1 slide id on the Gold Cup as the frame mount had to be removed everytime I wanted to take the slide off because of the flat top. if this trigger works out well for me I will put one in my SA RO and LB WC so all triggers are the same.  Don

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