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Camp Parry ?

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Camp Parry ? Empty Camp Parry ?

Post by rebs on Tue May 30 2017, 15:19

I would like to see Camp Parry and walk down commercial row to check it out. Maybe buy a few things. Watch a few matches. When would be a good day to do this ? Are people allowed in that are not shooting ?


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Camp Parry ? Empty Re: Camp Parry ?

Post by Chris Miceli on Tue May 30 2017, 16:22

Clem on down. Prelim day would let you see people shoot 22,cf, and 45 in one day
Chris Miceli
Chris Miceli

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Camp Parry ? Empty Re: Camp Parry ?

Post by John Dervis on Tue May 30 2017, 16:28

This year the schedule is a bit messed up but Monday-Thursday (7/10-13/17) are days shooting will be going on.  I would say Monday or Tuesday would be the best to see some shooting events as well as commercial row.  If you wait until Thursday, some vendors may be packing up.  Monday will be a little chaotic because there is more shooting scheduled than a normal year because they have combined revolver matches with preliminaries on this one day.  Tuesday will be a normal day in the life at Perry.  To answer your question about visitors, yes you can come watch.  I think you are supposed to register somewhere but I have talked to several people that have come to watch and I dont think they ever signed in.  I have personally talked with folks observing the shooting and given them the play by play of what is going on at that moment so if you find someone waiting to shoot, they can do the same.  
Hope to see you there.

John Dervis

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Camp Parry ? Empty Re: Camp Parry ?

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