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Hammerli X-Esse IPSC

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Hammerli X-Esse IPSC Empty Hammerli X-Esse IPSC

Post by jstanfield103 4/30/2019, 7:40 pm


I have had my X-Esse for approximately 2 months now. I have also a Ruger Mark III Competition and a Ruger Mark IV Hunter. Both the Ruger's have Volquartsen complete innards in them. I Love all three pistols but I have to say that this Hammerli will out shoot both my Ruger's. It is just smooth light and accurate. The Ruger's are also accurate but I really have to concentrate a lot more to keep the round on target. All three have Red Dots.

This Hammerli is just a wonderful and great pistol. Just wanted to brag a little bit about it. I was having light strikes and failure to pick rounds up from the magazine when I first got it. But the more she is breaking in the better she is doing. The last two outings no failure to fire and picked up every round out of the magazine.

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