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Anyone has experience on new Schuemann (Zitta) barrels?

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Anyone has experience on new Schuemann (Zitta) barrels? Empty Anyone has experience on new Schuemann (Zitta) barrels?

Post by cfirimar 8/24/2020, 6:44 pm

Hi folks,
Heard great things about old Schuemann AET barrels, but I'm little late to this train, and didn't get a chance to handle/fit one. 
I did some readings on AET design on old website, I want to give them a try:
* the gain twist rate feature is very interesting, however the angles it engraves on the bullets also change with the twist rate, and such change can shave/cut bullet plating/surface off. so accuracy with uncoated/plated bullets are not as good as jacketed bullets. I plan to use jacket bullets only so this won't be a huge deal.
* Chamber/Free-bore fluting is also an important feature of it, from Schuemann patents it seems they are major reasons of the improved accuracy. the downside (or upside?) is I can no longer ream the chamber after fitting hood. 
Recently I found out they are available again from Al Zitta (szbarrels), so want to ask here
* Has anybody here tried the new one, and how does the quality compare with old ones?
* Has anyone tested old/new AET barrels against common ones (e.g. Barsto) and confirmed it is superior accuracy with good ammo (in barrel fixture or equally tight fitted guns)? 
* I didn't see too many bullseye competitors using them here, or BE smiths building with this option, were these barrels more common years ago when they were more available?


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Anyone has experience on new Schuemann (Zitta) barrels? Empty Re: Anyone has experience on new Schuemann (Zitta) barrels?

Post by 10sandxs 8/25/2020, 8:30 am

I tried using a schuemann once, a long time ago because a customer demanded it. Had it on order for over a year with no delivery. Customer service sucked and I eventually ended up canceling the order as the customer decided he'd rather have a gun to shoot instead of being able to say he had a certain barrel in said gun.

Dont be too quick to believe something is better because its patented. Patents are a joke. You can say what ever you like in them and no knowledgeable person checks them for technical content. Btw, I have seven, and it will never cease to amaze me what the examiners will pass and what they find fault with, its comical.

There are proven barrel producers out there. I personally like KKM, but have used a lot of Kart barrels as well. THE AET barrel MIGHT be marginally better, i don't know, but when i call KKM or Kart, they are happy to help and usually go beyond what is needed. That is a big factor in my decision


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