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Chumming for new shooters

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Chumming for new shooters Empty Chumming for new shooters

Post by Sa-tevp Mon Mar 01, 2021 7:19 pm

A local indoor range and store where I am a member treats me well and I always like to share info and/or help them out. I have always invited the range staff to come do a safety check on me and try whatever I am shooting. One of the staff that instructs new shooters at the range accepted my offer to shoot a FWB AW93 at 25 yards on a B-8 target.

After a few magazines he quickly shrunk his group to almost ten ring size. While he really wanted an X, I explained the group size progression and where the improvements were versus my sight adjustment settings.

I think I hooked a live one.

My other pitch for the defensive oriented shooters is that if you can shoot groups on a 25 yard target in a calm comfortable indoor range you may be better able to handle a complicated 10 yard situation. I've gotten a few to shoot at 25 yards showing that they can do it, but they just didn't know they can do it.

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