My results with DR Ammo

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My results with DR Ammo

Post by Kermit Workman on 6/21/2011, 8:38 pm

I just completed some Ransom Rest work with my revolver working up a load for DR competition. I thought I would pass along the results to help others.
My revolver is a S&W 14-6, 6" barrel. I bought a NEI mold for a 158 gr. SWC bullet which is similiar to the 158 "Keith" style bullet. Bullets are cast with range salvaged lead smelted 20-25 lbs at a time. They appear hard with the finger nail scratch test. Bullets are sized .358 in a Star Lubrisizer. Ammo was loaded on a Dillon 550B. Primers were Winchester Small Pistol Regular. Brass was restricted to WEIH (What Ever I Had) or assorted.
Groups were shot in six round groups and I discarded the first shot in each group. I figured that by unloading,reloading the revolver I would discount the first round and give the revolver a chance to settle back down in the Ransom Rest. I shot two five round groups per load and averaged the groups. here are my results.

Powder Grains Groups Size CTC"
WW231 3.5 3 1/2"

Solo 1000 3.3 2 1/2"

Solo 1000 3.5 3 3/4"

Salut 4.0 2 1/2"

Salut 4.4 3 1/8" Salut is a surplus powder known as "Russian Unique"

I also had loaded 3.7 Gn. Bullseye over a 158 gr. Speer swagged bullet. I shot six rounds and the group was 7-8". It was an 8 ring group on a 50 yard repair center. I didn't bother to measure it. Also I have tried using BE and WW231 with other loads( and bullets) and did not have satisfactory results. That is why I tried the Solo 1000 and the Salut.
I hope this helps anyone trying to develope a DR load. YMMV.

Kermit Workman

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Re: My results with DR Ammo

Post by JGHermann on 6/21/2011, 9:39 pm

7-8" is about the same as I've gotten with BE powder. Could never get a good load with 158s.

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Re: My results with DR Ammo

Post by Bill Freyfogle on 6/28/2011, 3:51 pm

Try kicking up your W231 load to 4.0 grains. That powder is quite sensitive and 4.0 may do a lot better than 3.5 grains. It did for me. I'm shooting the Zero 158 grain swaged SWC's.
Bill Freyfogle
Bill Freyfogle

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Re: My results with DR Ammo

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