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Browning PRO-22 .22 LR Ammo

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Browning PRO-22 .22 LR Ammo Empty Browning PRO-22 .22 LR Ammo

Post by Orpanaut 4/29/2022, 2:38 pm

This is a relatively new option in the .22 ammo market which I thought I'd try.  It comes in a cardboard box of 100 rounds that costs about $15. 

The bullets are 40 grain, plain lead round-nosed projectiles that have no visible lubricant.  I don't know if there's an invisible micro coating or if they're really just plain lead. 

Velocity is listed as 1085 fps, which I assume was tested in a rifle length barrel. 

The other unusual feature of these rounds is that the case is crimped at the heel of the bullet.  Browning claims that this helps to align the bullet with bore.

I tested these rounds in my Pardini SP22 which normally gets a steady diet of CCI SV.  I don't have a place to test ammo at 50 yards so I settled for shooting timed fire strings at 25 yards to see if the Browning rounds would be reliable and accurate enough for the short line.

The good news is that the recoil impulse felt similar to CCI SV and groups were about the same when I shot the two types back to back.  Given the large amount of shooter error involved I didn't bother to take any measurements. 

The bad news is that I had two stoppages in only thirty rounds fired.  First, the second round in the magazine didn't feed.  Then later I had an empty case fail to eject.

After that I decided to save the rest of the box to use in a bolt gun or revolver.  And, in fairness to Browning, the box has a warning that this ammo "May not reliably function semi-auto firearms".


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