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Target Guns For Sale

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Target Guns For Sale Empty Target Guns For Sale

Post by Guest 6/6/2022, 2:47 pm

I recently purchased some handguns from a friends fathers estate. The man that owned these guns was very particular about his firearms. He sent a lot of them through the Clark Custom shop and also had several Clark Custom 1911s chambered in .38special and 45acp. He had Ruger Mark1 and Mark11s customized at Clark too. I also have some Smith and Wesson wheel guns that have been customized for competition. One of them is a model 10-7 chambered in 38 special with a JC Taylor Barrel and Arist Crat custom sight rail. 
I’m interested in selling the competition target pistols if anyone is interested I could send pics and more information. 
-Thank you


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Target Guns For Sale Empty Re: Target Guns For Sale

Post by Skid 6/6/2022, 7:22 pm

Can you post the pic's here of the guns ?


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Target Guns For Sale Empty Re: Target Guns For Sale

Post by Dcforman 6/6/2022, 7:55 pm

Rules for posting an item for sale... located in the classified section as a sticky. I believe you need to register in order to post there, which you honestly should. Guessing that's why you posted here...

Some real basic guidelines for posting. Keep it firearm related and do not flood the forum with multiple post. If you have a number of items to sell list them in one post so you do not bury someone else's post. Thank you

To keep things clean use the following at the beginning of your Title of the topic

WTS = Want to sell
WTT = Want to trade
WTB = Want to buy

Example: WTS Colt Python WI.

Adding the State may attract local buyers for a face to face sale.
Include the asking price of the item for sale.
When the status of an item changes update the topic to SOLD or SPF (sold pending funds)

Don't use the "description" field.  It doesn't show up for the other users.  Put ALL of the information in the text of the ad.

Just as you should for ALL posts, put your REAL first and last name in the text of the ad--especially if your username is something other than your name.

It's best to show a picture of the ACTUAL item being sold--Here's how to host a picture that is stored in your pc:
--above the area where you type the text are icons.  Click the icon that looks like a floppy disk with a picture behind it.
--a new box pops up--click "Select files"
--select the picture file or files in your computer
--in the hosting box, the file name is filled in. Click "Send all" or the upload arrow beside the individual pic.
--the hosting box shows new links. Choose the one you want ot simply click “insert all”
--when you hit "send" the picture will be in your message.
— you may want click “Preview” to make sure the upload worked as planned.


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Target Guns For Sale Empty Re: Target Guns For Sale

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