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RV storage within the OH/IN region

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RV storage within the OH/IN region Empty RV storage within the OH/IN region

Post by RoyDean Tue Jun 21, 2022 10:20 pm

Sorry that this is a bit "off topic" for the Bullseye Forum, but please bear with me.

I have a Class C Motorhome (30' long) which I bought last fall. My initial objective (fantasy?) was to go "van life", find somewhere to train for Bullseye, live in the RV, then use it to go on the summer tour, maybe even go further afield. Wash, rinse, repeat! My circumstances changed and I found myself to be completely free-agent. The van life thing turned out to be a step too far (OK, OK, thank you to all the guys who "told ya so"!).

BUT, I am still wanting to keep the RV and use it for at least the OH/IN tour each year. I already have RV spot reservations booked for all four events.

BUT, BUT, there is no point driving it all the way back to AZ. I would much prefer to park it up somewhere in the OH/IN circle, winterize it, preferably store it indoors or at least under some sort of roof. and then use it again next year.

SO, there are lots and lots of RV storage places in OH/IN (or possibly even IL), the top class indoor places are, understandably, not cheap. But I simply want somewhere that is secure, either enclosed or at least roofed and within a reasonable Uber drive of a major airport. I am looking at an annual lease kinda deal.

If anyone has has any advice or suggestions I am very appreciative.

Roy Dean


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RV storage within the OH/IN region Empty Re: RV storage within the OH/IN region

Post by Wobbley Wed Jun 22, 2022 12:44 am

I’d store it in a place adjacent to a major airport.  I googled this 


And it came up with some options.

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