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Trigger Shoes

Post by Schaumannk on 9/23/2013, 6:16 pm

I am considering trying a trigger shoe on my 1911.    I have a Steyr LP50, and seem to shoot it very well, even with the heavy bullseye trigger option on the gun.   I wondered if my better results were not at least partially because of the very wide trigger on the gun.   It has a roll, but my 1911 triggers roll also.   It seems more forgiving of small errors and also appears to aid consistent placement of my finger on the trigger.   I also tend to shoot my Beretta slightly better in slow fire even with a crisp trigger four pound trigger and the iron sights. The trigger on the Beretta appears to be slightly wider than the one on my 1911.  

         Any thoughts from those who have tried trigger shoes, and later abandoned them, or adopted them with an improvement  of some aspect of their shooting, are welcome.


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Re: Trigger Shoes

Post by SMBeyer on 9/23/2013, 9:08 pm

I have shoes on my wad and ball gun.  I shot my wad gun for a couple of years without one and never liked the feel.  My 22 is a model 41 which has a fairly wide trigger.  Not as wide as a 1911 with a shoe but close.  One day I picked up a friends .45 and he had a shoe and I knew that was what I needed.  For me it is all about feel.  With the shoe I can feel what is going on.  I think part of my problem is I have a very physical job and the skin on my fingers is tough and I have lost some sensitivity.  But with the shoe I have more surface area to feel the trigger.  Personally for me I will never go back.  It never hurts to try it and they aren't that expensive.


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