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New Colt Gold Cup Trophy group-How bad is it?

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New Colt Gold Cup Trophy group-How bad is it? - Page 2 Empty New Colt Gold Cup Trophy group-How bad is it?

Post by Amanda4461 Tue Jul 25, 2023 10:05 pm

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Hello folks,
I decided to range test a couple of handloads in my new 9mm. While my new Colt Gold Cup Trophy has a couple of thousand rounds run through it, I wanted to see what a typical group looks like at 25 yards. This is the stainless model with fiber optic front sight. It has been 100% reliable with all ammo types. Today’s test used Nosler 147 gr. JHP and 125gr. Hornady Action Pistol from a sandbag rest.
The fire control group is EGW with a long roll, providing a 4.5lb. Trigger weight. The OEM front sight is a hindrance for me using a 6 o’clock hold. Other than the trigger group, the gun is stock Colt.
Please advise if a fitted barrel bushing would improve the existing ability to reduce group size.
Basically, how well should this gun group to provide Expert class scores at 25 yards?
The Hornady HAP bullets bested the Noslers, but this barrel has shown a preference for 125 grain bullets previously. Next test will use 125 grain RN, HAP as well as some lead bullet loads, with a black post front sight.
I’ll also try some Tightgroup and Power Pistol powders.
Target is B-16. Bullet 125gr Hornady Action Pistol. Powder 6.5gr BlueDot. 1.0580” OAL.
Thanks for all comments and suggestions!

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New Colt Gold Cup Trophy group-How bad is it? - Page 2 Empty Tisas 1911 Duty model

Post by tovaert Sat Jul 29, 2023 9:28 am

Would be interesting to hear from someone who has bought one of these. The Tisas that I have handled seem well made. Perhaps as a donor gun? Made in Turkey.


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New Colt Gold Cup Trophy group-How bad is it? - Page 2 Empty Re: New Colt Gold Cup Trophy group-How bad is it?

Post by rich.tullo Sat Jul 29, 2023 8:20 pm

SRO , I have two. One I had Jon replace the bushing and it shot better maybe 4 inches at 50 yards. I have one that shoots better it has a Kart Barrel. 

If I were to buy a gun today I would get a used gun built by Dinan or Madore est or I would try a Tisas , replace all the parts. The slide to frame fit seems nice and I am willing to bet out of the box they shoot better than a Colt.

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New Colt Gold Cup Trophy group-How bad is it? - Page 2 Empty Re: New Colt Gold Cup Trophy group-How bad is it?

Post by only_8_ring Sat Jul 29, 2023 8:24 pm

Amanda4461 wrote:
only_8_ring wrote:Amanda4461,

I experienced similar issues when I bought a used Gold Cup National Match. The accuracy just wasn't what I wanted out of the gun.

I'm going to assume that your sight picture is good and you know what you're doing testing the gun off of sandbags. If you're not sure you did it right, it's worth asking a resident known-good bullseye shooter to get a second opinion. I'm not being patronizing, I just don't want you to spend lots of resources pursuing what might not actually be an issue.

That said... The issue you showed with your sandbag rested target is not good. Even for expert or marksman class, you really want your gun to be able to hold the 10 ring or 9 ring as an acceptable standard for 95% of your shots. At least then you know the gun isn't costing you more than 0.5 or so points per shot in the worst case. 

I fixed my issue by fitting a Kart EZ-Fit barrel kit to my gun, which took about 6 hours plus whatever that kit cost, and hammer-peening my frame rails (which was pretty stressful, honestly). I would say most people can do the Kart EZ-Fit barrel procedure themselves, but I would really not recommend the layman attempt rail peening. That's really something a bullseye pistolsmith should do. I can provide more details if you're curious.

My gun improved from "unacceptable" as in your case to more reasonable, something that will get 99%  of shots in the 10 ring at 50 yards from a ransom rest.
I shoot my Pardini SP with the stock irons. No trouble keeping all in the ten ring from a bag rest. Folks I shoot with all have given poor feedback on the Colt, so I’ll keep working on it. When my $475 Remington R1 Enhanced 9mm provides better groups than the Colt, improvements are needed. 
I like the idea of putting a red dot on the Colt, but the grip scope mount is either OOS or on extended backorder everywhere. I’ll find one eventually, or get the Colt D&T for a Rock River rail.


OK, sounds like you've got good-quality data. Let us know what you end up doing and if it helps with the gun's issues.
I've heard it said by a lot of pistolsmiths around here, but a better gun is always better, whether you're a marksman or master. It sucks not being able to call your shots because it's your equipment's fault, even if you're good at calling your shots.


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New Colt Gold Cup Trophy group-How bad is it? - Page 2 Empty Re: New Colt Gold Cup Trophy group-How bad is it?

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