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S&W TC DL Matchmaster Front sight

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S&W TC DL Matchmaster Front sight Empty S&W TC DL Matchmaster Front sight

Post by Ciaran 9/12/2023, 4:09 pm

I've a 686-5 TC DL Match master from Germany's club 30.
Nice gun but I'm trying to change the front sight blade. I bought a DX type from LPA WXT0107 to allow for a red dot and fibre optic front sight. The problem is the current front sight looks like it has a two position height setting feature (can be set by a really small allen key). The sight has a slit horizontally milled in it with a tiny spring fitted in the slot held in place by the pin holding in the sight. If it was a DX the sight should just pop out under correct tension. 
Anybody got any idea what type of front blade this is or what it's called?


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