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Xesse vs SF

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Xesse vs SF Empty Xesse vs SF

Post by Rush223 Mon Oct 30, 2023 5:00 pm

I have an Xesse that I purchased 6-7 years ago from Larry Carter. It has the triangular front sight that can be rotated. According to my mag-tipped screwdriver it has a steel frame. How does this gun differ from the new SF model. 


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Xesse vs SF Empty Re: Xesse vs SF

Post by rich.tullo Wed Nov 01, 2023 12:31 pm

New SF has the slide milled from Bar Stock. I believe SF has two versions out there but this could be an urban Legend. I had a SF with a Silver Slide, I bought from Red Feather and was giving me fits. I sent it to Walther and they sent me back new one with a Black Slide and Blue target grips which was a nice thing they did for me. 

I thought the gun was different and certainly much different than my Larry's Special. The Extractor is pinned. I know the new CSC frames are Milled from Bar Stock ( really from a forged blank) and I think the SF I have is milled from Bar stock. Other parts such as the safety and slide stop are not compatible as per Walther. 

For example I replaced the trigger button on my Larry's Special and the replacement was a 208 trigger button. On the SF they have its own part number and Red Feather now has that part in stock. 

Additionally my Larry's Special has a serrated front strap while the SF does not. The Larry's Special is Parkerized while SF has Tennifer. So at some point in 1Q 2022 I think they changed the frame on these. 

I suppose a machinist that has the equipment to test the hardness of the metal can let us know for sure. I know the big push at Walther is make SF pistols because they invested in all new equipment for the PPQ.

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