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Aimpoint H-1 question

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Aimpoint H-1 question Empty Aimpoint H-1 question

Post by Multiracer Tue Apr 23, 2024 6:05 pm

Has anyone had trouble with the torx screw that acts like a stop in the pic rail come loose ? This is the cross screw that attaches to the side clamp. The torx head is so tiny I dont think its tight enough.
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Aimpoint H-1 question Empty Re: Aimpoint H-1 question

Post by -TT- Mon Apr 29, 2024 8:21 am

Yes, the screw can come loose, generally if the rail is a bit wider or narrower than spec. The side clamp will sit cockeyed and therefore the screw does too. I had to add a shim between the base of the sight and the top of the clamp to keep it riding vertical. I used an .050 hex key, which I broke off a 1/4" section and glued to the mount, then filed it slightly as needed.

Without the shim, the top edge would ride too far "in", which cants the bottom edge too far "out". This greatly loosens the grip on the rail. You can see mine now rides just a bit the other way. Ordinary torque holds great and rezeroes perfectly, although this is frame-mounted on a .22 of course.

Hopefully the attachments appear! For some reason I can't include them inline in this post.

Aimpoint used to sell replacement screw/clamp kits for the H1, which I don't see online any longer. If yours is worn I suggest calling them.
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Aimpoint H-1 question Empty Re: Aimpoint H-1 question

Post by RoyDean Mon Apr 29, 2024 8:41 am

Forum sponsor KC Custom Creations sells Kodiak Machine (Fred Totts) mounts for H-1 screw pattern sights. They are rock solid on a typical 1911 slotted rail.

Sorry to go "off piste", but the very nice versions for the Pardini micro rail are also rock solid for a 22. But in my experience tend to creep under 32 recoil. But, IMHO, that is typical for almost any mount on a 32 Pardini. YMMV.


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Aimpoint H-1 question Empty Re: Aimpoint H-1 question

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