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Finishing Options for 3D-printed Grips

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Finishing Options for 3D-printed Grips Empty Finishing Options for 3D-printed Grips

Post by BerryhillAC 5/25/2016, 2:31 pm

Because it seems a pistol shooter's work is never done making changes to our grips, I don't know how many emails I answer a week on this topic for the 3D-printed grips I make.  To help everyone out and begin to broaden the conversation with the pistol shooting community, I've created a space on my website (http://www.precisiontargetpistolgrips.com/grip-finishing) for shooters to see what I, as well as others, have done to their 3D-printed grips once they've come off the printer.  There are sections about painting, puttying, staining, sanding and filing, and stippling, as well as example photos.  I would invite those of you who are shooting grips I've made to contribute your experiences to the site to help all of us improve our equipment.   Adding your comments and photos is easy. You can also reach me through the site if you have any questions I can answer.

Thanks much and go shoot some 10s this weekend.


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