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You guys were not kidding.

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You guys were not kidding. Empty You guys were not kidding.

Post by BryanGA 3/8/2012, 7:05 am

When BE shooters warned me Bullseye was not a cheap sport they were not lying. I do think I can give my bank account, at least what is left of it a little rest. Yesterday the final two major components of my BE gear arrived. A brand new Dillon 550B to replace the Lyman Spar-T C style turret press that I remember my dad reloading on, and my 1911. The pistol is a Colt MKIV series 70 Gold Cup National Match with an Ultradot mounted on a Clark rib on the slide.
You guys were not kidding. DSCF0092
The dealer I bought it from had no loading data for it. I am hesitant about shooting full power ammo in it. So I guess I will have to wait until I get the Dillon set up and work up some loads or buy some commercial SWC. If I can find any local to me in Atlanta.

Ok so here is what I have.
Colt NM 1911 w/Ultradot
Smith M41 w/Ultradot
Ruger MKII w/pro-point
Gun-ho Box
Spotting scope
Magazines for everything
Dillon 550B with .45acp conversion.
Unlimited shooting membership at a top quality 25yard indoor range.

Here I what I still need.
Dies, bullets, brass, powder and primers.

Here is the wish list.
.22 and .38 revolvers
1911 for EIC
Trip to Perry 2013

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You guys were not kidding. Empty Re: You guys were not kidding.

Post by Paper-Puncher 3/8/2012, 8:26 am

As far as your load goes 3.8-4.0 BE with 185/200 and 3.8-3.9 Clays with a 185/200...My gun likes 3.6 Clays with a 200gr head for 25yds ....I too spend abit of money on my shooting habit...but I was able to cut a few corners....I already had the loading gear , Got a used box and restored it . and my wish list ....a Model 14 .38 and either a walther or bennilli in .32 ....I imagine I'll be able to pull off the .38 but will not be getting the .32 anytime soon . I would also like another Ultra dot to replace the millet I have on one of my .22's .....and I would like to send my 1911 off and have it tuned...but that can wait as it shoots right at 1'' @ 25yds now....I dont think BE is really all that much different from any other shooting sports money wise....Ive got a buddy who shoots skeet and sporting clays and spends quite a bit more on that but long story short if you wanna play its gonna cost no matter what your into...Ive go another buddy thats into 600yd bench rest and that is something I wouldnt even attempt to get into ...anyway youve got your stuff now just go enjoy it and have fun.


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You guys were not kidding. Empty Re: You guys were not kidding.

Post by DavidR 3/8/2012, 10:05 am

Nice wad gun, same as the one im currently shooting. If you want to shoot a match before you start loading let me know i will load you some for just what the the component's costs me. I would put a 11lb spring in your 1911 and run a 185 or 200 lswc with 3.8-4.0 of bullseye. At conyers i will point you to one of our shooters that casts bullets, his 185 & 200s are what many are shooting and they will tear out the x ring at 50 yds if your gun and you can hold it there. He has a state of the art commercial casting machine and he is very anal about the quality of the bullets he sells. As for dies, loading lead, dillons are the best because you can clean them without removing and having to re set the seater and crimp die, powder and primers can be picked up at the big eastman gun show coming up march 24-25 at the north atlanta trade center. Saves you from the 25.00 hazmat fee charged on all mail orders. Or i can order you whatever you want, im getting ready soon to place a big order for my friends, that splits the hazmat fee to a few dollars each, and i get it all at my dealer wholesale price, same goes for 22 if you need any. Just let me know.

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You guys were not kidding. Empty Re: You guys were not kidding.

Post by AllAces 3/8/2012, 3:08 pm

Nice looking 1911. Some recommendations for .22 and .38:

Ruger Mk II, Target (bull barrell) or Target Competition (slabside) for rimfire. I may have a slabside for sale later this year.

S&W K-38 Target Masterpiece for Distinguished Revolver matches.

Hardball gun can be either a 1911 (less expensive and more gunsmiths available to do the build) or a Model 92 (more expensive and fewer gunsmiths to do the build).

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You guys were not kidding. Empty Re: You guys were not kidding.

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