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Match / League / Junior programs that use awards

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Match / League / Junior programs that use awards Empty Match / League / Junior programs that use awards

Post by John Dervis 2/20/2018, 11:28 am

I spent some time cleaning the basement this weekend and have come across quite a few trophies and medals for shooting from back when I started in the early 90s. I know these aren't common in our area anymore but if there is anyone out there that can recycle these with their shooting programs, I would be happy to send them to you for the cost of the shipping.  I have 25-30 of each.  The trophies are all different but the medals could probably be used together.  Shipping on the trophies would probably be expensive but I can break them down or alternatively, could take off just the tops and send those.  Put the tops on any trophy you get locally.  If nobody wants them, they will get pitched but I would like them to get used if there is a need.



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