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League Scoring programs/options

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League Scoring programs/options Empty League Scoring programs/options

Post by hp246 7/4/2019, 2:25 pm

Hey all.  I volunteered to take over the scoring for our Winter league.  The former scorer was a non-shooter and was doing it as a favor.  She finally became burned out I think in part because of a tremendous amount of hand tallying she had to do.  I took the job with the agreement that I could work to simplify the scoring programs.  

We have about 14 matches per year. Most of them are 600s.  However, we have four "Medal Matches" each year that are 900s.  What seems to me to be one of the most convoluted issues with our scoring is the averaging system.  The first match of the year is added to the last match of the past year times two and divided by three.  Second match is last match from last year plus two matches in the new year divided by three.  Third match is three matches from the new year divided by three.  After 12 matches, the low matches start falling off.  Got it? 

Seems to me there must be some programs out there that I can simply input the scores and will do the averaging that is fair to everyone.  Any suggestions?


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League Scoring programs/options Empty Re: League Scoring programs/options

Post by Slartybartfast 7/5/2019, 12:39 pm

hp246 wrote:averaging that is fair to everyone.
Good luck with that, no matter what system you choose people will argue about how "fair" it really is.

Chiming in because I remembered this thread:

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