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Post by xman on Sat Oct 19, 2019 11:01 pm

Is it just me or do I see/sense a reluctance on the part of match director/officials to NOT put in their program as part of the official program anything to do with  a .22 2700 course in the match bulletin.

I have encounter near hostility toward putting in a .22 2700 no matter how many they might get. They are "afraid" that the more .22's that register for the match, it takes away a position from 3 gun shooter.

Of course the exception is an EIC course, but that is only 30 shots.

The entire concept of the .22 2700 is to get MORE people shooting not freeze them out of a match program. A .22 shooter today will likely given time become a 3 gun shooter. Especially if that .22 shooter is a junior or just starting out in Precision Pistol Shooting.

Some clubs will submit 22 2700 scores to the NRA, But even their programs omit any mention about a .22 2700 course.

Sometimes I am the only shooter shooting 2700. Probably because nothing was said in the match program that was submitted to the NRA for an Approved or Registered match. So it has to be word of mouth to get others to participate in the 22 2700. And I am grateful for that.

Yes I know you generally need 4 shooters to make a class. So whats the big deal? Most club ranges can more than handle 4 shooters shooting .22 and the rest 3 gun.

Rant is over.....for now

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.22 2700 programs Empty Re: .22 2700 programs

Post by oldsalt444 Today at 12:33 pm

I think one problem is that technology has not yet caught up with the new classifications added by the NRA (22 only, 2 hand probationary).  The Tournament software doesn't allow for these classifications and most match directors use it.  It could be done by hand, but that would take an extra person as a statistician.  Another reason is when you register a tournament you're given a choice of just one of several - open, metallic, production, 22 only, 2 hand probationary.  The only one that makes sense is the open tournament, which allows optics.  So I can see why match directors would be reluctant to allow 22 only shooters, but it can be done.  The NRA isn't very good about passing along information.   

In my tournaments, I allow 22 only and 2 hand probationary shooting right alongside everyone else.  When I submit the scores to the NRA, I highlight the 22 an 2 hand shooters and label them as such.  After the requisite 360 shots for record, the NRA sends them a classification card.

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