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How to get more shooters to compete

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How to get more shooters to compete - Page 3 Empty How to get more shooters to compete

Post by mikemyers 4/10/2018, 6:32 pm

First topic message reminder :

Not sure if this question belongs here, but it seems like the appropriate place.

I had a discussion about how well people are able to shoot in Bullseye competition.  Looking around on the web was no help - no place could I find typical targets.

I found pages like this:

....but to someone who doesn't already know what these things mean, it's impossible to visualize how the competitors did.  What would be more meaningful (but impossible) is photos of the targets.  Of course, I'm a photographer, and I "see" with pictures.

I think two things could help promote Bullseye Shooting, regardless of what name it is called.  The first is simple - provide a class for people who shoot two handed.  It might attract a lot of people who otherwise think of it as "impossible".  ....and the second, print a brochure, designed for ordinary existing shooters, and use it to promote the benefits of Bullseye - not everyone wants to run around, getting down into the dirt or whatever - - - and with Bullseye, ANYONE can practice for it at just about any shooting range.  The brochure should have a photo of one of the champions, and another photo of an "average" shooter holding one of his targets and his gun (which should look like a normal gun).

Even just a web page would be a start, and probably easier to do than a brochure.

Heck, technically I'm not a "Bullseye Shooter" because my left hand isn't in my pocket, but I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of the sport, the targets, the distances, the organization and especially the people I've met.  I think there are many more people like me, who could be tempted to get involved.....

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How to get more shooters to compete - Page 3 Empty Re: How to get more shooters to compete

Post by hengehold 10/21/2022, 3:38 pm

It seems like clubs can offer a new shooter program as part of the BE competition. I got into rifle shooting through reduced course CMP highpower matches. Show up with no gear and pay my $20, the club handed me a M1 garand, ball ammo, and sling to shoot at the 100 yd reduced course match.

I don’t see this offered on the pistol side but it is really easy to support. Pay your $20 and club let’s a new shooter use a club owned Ruger 22/45 and ammo to shoot a short course version of the match concurrently with all the other “pros” shooting the full course. Seems low stress and inviting to me.

I have to disagree with the idea that being around good shooters takes the fun away. I started rifle and pistol shooting the same way…at the very bottom of the match results. However, seeing the really great groups and scores that the veterans were capable of gave me motivation to stick with it because I could see what was eventually possible.


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How to get more shooters to compete - Page 3 Empty Re: How to get more shooters to compete

Post by smdial 10/24/2022, 1:20 pm

I kicked off the remote/virtual league today.  Not too late to join.  PM me if interested.  Scores due Nov 1 for week 1.


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How to get more shooters to compete - Page 3 Empty Re: How to get more shooters to compete

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