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Rules for Juniors at Nationals?

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Rules for Juniors at Nationals? Empty Rules for Juniors at Nationals?

Post by javaduke 6/11/2018, 12:57 pm

I know it's a long shot, but Ive been trying to put together a new Junior team and bring them to Perry next year (not this year!). Somebody told me that juniors can shoot the entire match (preliminary plus 2700) with 22 pistol only and that they can shoot two-handed. Is that true? How about the EIC .22 match, can juniors shoot with two hands?


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Rules for Juniors at Nationals? Empty Re: Rules for Juniors at Nationals?

Post by cdrt 6/11/2018, 4:14 pm

They can shoot the entire 2700 with a .22 but they must shoot one-handed.  Two handed is only for a Probationary match.  See section 24 on page 56 of the current rule book.  They can shoot the Introductory EIC match at the SAFS two-handed, but that is the only time you can shoot an EIC match two-handed.  The CMP issues everyone there an M9 Service Pistol in 9mm.  They must complete the entire course of fire.  Rules for that EIC match are in the CMP Games rule book rather than the Service Rifle/Pistol Rule Book.  They can earn 4 points towards their Distinguished Service Pistol Badge at that event; one time good deal.  There is no preliminary match for the .22 Badge and they must shoot it one-handed.

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