Revolver double action trigger technique

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Revolver double action trigger technique

Post by mooseheadpiper on 9/12/2014, 3:44 pm

Hi Folks,

I've gotten advice or read several different recommendations for proper double action trigger technique on a revolver.  I'm just curious what most bullseye shooters do.  The latest advice I've gotten is fast squeeze to begin with, then slow at the end.  But I've also been told the exact opposite: constantly increasing preasure until the shot breaks.  I've also heard one should stage the trigger by pulling most of the way, stopping, then squeezing the rest of the way; letting one's finger slide on the trigger to facilitate a straight back pull; ; steady pressure from first to last until the shot breaks; etc. 

Is there a consensus on the best technique? 

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Revolver double action trigger technique

Post by Steve B on 9/12/2014, 4:43 pm

I shot double action on all sustained fire targets during DR matches.  Once the trigger was learned I found that the cylinder could be rotated to the next chamber while recovering from recoil which left a short 'roll' type pull to finish the trigger squeeze.  Kind of a fast pull until the cylinder locked then slowed it a little to steady the sight below the black until discharge.

Steve B

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