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December 2019

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Junior fees will no longer be waived in 2020

11/24/2019, 3:05 pm by noalibis.mary

Last Tuesday I emailed Beth to inquire, and she replied that the 2019 "probationary" policy of waiving NRA fees for Juniors at State, Regional and National Championships would NOT be continued in 2020.

My follow-up email, which asked how they were planning to get this information to Match Directors, did NOT get a reply...

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.22 2700 programs

10/19/2019, 10:01 pm by xman

Is it just me or do I see/sense a reluctance on the part of match director/officials to NOT put in their program as part of the official program anything to do with  a .22 2700 course in the match bulletin.

I have encounter near hostility toward putting in a .22 2700 no matter how many they might get. They are "afraid" that the more .22's that register for the match, it takes away a position …

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John Dreyer's "Tournament" Match Director software

9/4/2017, 3:07 pm by Rob Kovach


Attached is a full version of John Dreyer's "Tournament" software.

I discussed putting a free version of the software on the forum with John's widow and she thought it was a great way to extend John's legacy.

There are a number of very smart software developers on the forum and I'm hoping that bugs that John never got around to fixing can be fixed here with updated versions that are …

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NRA Sanctioned League Handbook

9/26/2019, 1:27 pm by TonyH

Anyone have a copy (pdf) of the NRA Sanctioned League Handbook that they can share?
Looking on the NRA website, all they provide is a link to an external ISSUU website that has a copy of the handbook dated 2011. The copy on that site is viewable but not downloadable. Interesting that the NRA as the publishing organization has to direct members to external websites to reference a copy of their own …

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Looking for a bullseye call out recorded memory card/stick

9/19/2019, 4:16 pm by toughmandave

I have just been chosen to run a club bullseye shoot.  I am looking for someplace I can get a memory card or memory stick with the calls on it so I can plug it into my bull horn so I don't have to speak all of it.   In other words - "with 5 rounds, load. - is the line ready?  The line is ready."   etc. etc.  Any ideas?   Dave

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Hi Master/Master shootout

8/3/2019, 8:25 am by whitez06

Leni Lenape Pistol Club is having a Hi Master/Master Shootout at the club, Oct 27 @ 09:00
Match is listed at NJPistol for registration and match bulletin

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Classification requirements

8/10/2019, 1:38 pm by Clamps

Where on earth can I find the NRA requirements for classifying shooters?  Marksman, sharpshooter, master etc. For the life of me....geez

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More than one pistol

6/8/2019, 3:36 pm by James Hensler

Is there a rule against using one pistol for the long line and another one for the short line? Example Pardini .32 ACP long line and Hammerlli 32 Wadcutter for the short line?

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Introducing Bullseye to Tallahassee

8/6/2019, 8:32 am by Dockokol

Good morning all.  I seems I am the only bullseye shooter in Tallahassee Florida... or at least the only one who will admit to it.  I shoot at an indoor range that has an 8 lane 25 yard line but no turning targets.   My thought is to start a "fun" league" and see  what the level of interest is, and the range is willing to support the effort.  So, if there are any words of advice from those …

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