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Post by rob5r 4/26/2012, 6:53 am

I started training my son and his girlfriend last thanksgiving. Started my son with a HS Victor and her with a Ruger Mk II. Moved him up to a Baikal IZH-35m and his scores went up 10-15%. Found a second Baikal and bought it for her. Same thing, scores went up. He cleaned his first target 3 weeks ago, she cleaned her first target last tuesday. These both occurred at our local .22/CF indoor league in Chesapeake, VA. They are going to shoot some 2700's this summer. First one will be on May 5th for classification (they both shot a 90 point sectional already).

Their excitement in our sport is inspiring.

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Proud Parent/Coach Empty Re: Proud Parent/Coach

Post by GunsmithCat 5/3/2012, 8:49 am

Wink Glad we make you proud! I was going to throw myself off a cliff if I didn't do well with that Baikal IZH-35m. I am really glad you introduced me to this sport. Before bullseye I was pretty timid about shooting in general. Being new to guns, I was sort of overwhelmed by the whole experience. Trying to keep things straight, fumbling to load a magazine, trying to remember what the proper terminology for various parts were... Once you got me into bullseye I found new confidence. I was exposed to do many new guns because of you, each one unique in its own way. I began to learn all of the intricacies of shooting, including the finer details of aiming and trigger pulls. Now when I go to the range with anybody it looks like I know what I'm doing!

I found that bullseye taught me the proper way to fire a weapon, from a smooth and consistent squeeze of my trigger finger, proper breathing and a steady aim. These skills have definitely improved my overall performance with shooting, not to mention influence my daily life.

Be calm. Take a deep breath, steady, and make every action count. This can be applied to more than just activities on a range.

I definitely am having a great time. I love meeting people at the events, receiving the advice you and others have given me, and hope to be the best that I can be. It helps that we have a great, dedicated teacher!

I'm ready for May 5th, bring on the centerfire!

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