Over travel - how much?

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Over travel - how much?

Post by dronning on 2/22/2018, 2:43 am

Thoughts on how much and pro's con's of more verses less?
- Dave

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Re: Over travel - how much?

Post by SteveT on 2/22/2018, 8:23 am

Either none or a lot.

Minimum overtravel -Advantage: Usually feels better to the shooter. Disadvantage: When the trigger hits the stop it can cause the gun to move and will probably happen while the bullet is still in the barrel. The effect will depend on the speed of trigger pull and the length of overtravel. Shorter overtravel means the trigger accelerates less after it releases before hitting the stop.

Medium overtravel - Advantages: None that I can think of. Disadvantage: The trigger has more time to accelerate after release so it hits the stop harder, moving the gun more.

Long / No overtravel stop - Advantages: (Maybe) The bullet has left the barrel before the trigger hits the stop. (Maybe) The shooter can ease off the trigger pressure after release so there is no impact on the stop. Disadvantages: If the previous assumptions are wrong the trigger will hit the stop even harder.

I have heard that many of the top shooters don't use an overtravel stop, but I can't remember where I heard it (Tony Brong's Blog? Advanced SAFS?).

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Re: Over travel - how much?

Post by Tim:H11 on 2/22/2018, 8:55 am

I prefer to have as little over travel as possible. I don’t have an aggressive or fast trigger finger. Slow and smooth. 

I don’t feel this in my 22 because the the trigger is so light but on my 45 where the trigger is heavier I feel like I have to pull through the trigger and all its weight then it breaks - and I’d rather it stop, instead of have the wall fall down behind it, and let my finger rush past the breaking point since there’s little to no resistance left now that the sear has been pushed out of engagement with the hammer. So to stop any jerkiness or to help with follow through I like a short release. 

Having said all this if you have good or proper trigger control - in theory you ought to be able to shoot it well one way or the other. I’ve spoken to someone who has shot with and without trigger overtravel stops and shot fine either way. 

Just depends on what you like and what you shoot best with.

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Re: Over travel - how much?

Post by jglenn21 on 2/22/2018, 9:26 am

you have to be a bit careful when you adjust for minimum overtravel on the 1911... too little and you sear nose will drag the hammer as it's released.. 

a simply test is to cock the gun and hold the hammer back.. now slowly pull the trigger . if you feel any drag  you need more overtravel.

overtravel and pretravel is about personal feel...although both require a minimum amount for the 1911 to function safely, especially pretravel. just don't get too little of each and you'll be fine..

if you want to go crazy  check out this thread on both...151 posts and growing  What a Face


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Re: Over travel - how much?

Post by CR10X on 2/22/2018, 9:55 am

What was said above by jglenn21.  My process is generally as follows. 

Make sure the pistol is cleared, empty, no ammo around and pointed in a safe direction.

Rack the slide to cock the hammer.  Make sure you have shooting grip and grip safety is fully depressed. Hold the hammer back with the off hand thumb.  Press trigger fully to the rear.  

Slowly release the hammer but keep it under control and see if it goes all the way down.

If not, not enough overtravel.

If it does, then you might want to adjust for less, see next step.

If there is a bump on the way down, not enough overtravel.  (But at this point, you are getting there.)

If there is just a bump, then go about a 1/4 turn more clearance each time (more overtravel) until you can't feel a bump or anything touching as the hammer is slowly lowered.  Continue until you feel nothing. 

Then add about another 1/4 turn more for that crud that will build up and stop your 4th shot during the rapid fire string.

If you want more overtravel, then keep going.  

Hope this helps.


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Re: Over travel - how much?

Post by RJP on 2/26/2018, 9:10 pm

With good follow through, you don't need a trigger stop. 

I have heard the term "forgiving or unforgiving" used to refer to guns where follow through is more or less important.

Having said that, I have always wondered if a soft trigger stop, made of rubber or  a spring, would give you a more forgiving trigger?


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Re: Over travel - how much?

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